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Short trip to Surabaya

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I wrote a short, unacademic essay on civil society in Surabaya for a book titled "Islam, living in Asia" in Japanese. I described how my short trip to Surabaya started from C2O library & collabtive, then encounter with Silampukau, a cool indie band based in Surabaya.  

My trip turned from the Arab Town to nearby Sidoarjo District where Shi'a refugees live. They were expelled from Sampang, Madura, in 2012 due to attack from some of Sunni hardliners. It ended up with my conversation with Gusdurian/CMARs (Center for Marginalized Community Studies) activists who have engaged in human rights issues including Shi'a refugees.

I just want to thank all those who accompanied and helped me during my short trip to Surabaya. Here, I upload several pages. Perhaps you can't read this but at least you can pick up some words written in roman alphabet.

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